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Georgi Mottram


Whether its with brands, products, fashion, jewellery, composers or musicians. As a keen creative Georgi loves to hear ideas of how to collaborate with other creatives. 


Fashion and Jewellery

Georgi was honoured to wear Catherine Best Jewellery at her most recent video shoot. 


Classica Duo

Georgi has teamed up with the incredible pianist Steph, providing a beautiful and moving musical experience for their audiences. Together they have performed at The Pride of Jersey, for the Jersey Opera House and private shows in Jersey, Channel Islands. 


Composer collaborations

Georgi was thrilled to work with composer Toby Nealms and 'Les Mis' bass-baritone Rodney Earl Clarke on this piece of music. 

DJ collaborations

Working with DJ Gus Fraser on an Orbital Belfast remix 
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